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PopClean® Elite Popper® Series Poppers now come standard with the Advanced Membrane Control Panel with Precision Pop® Technology. These controls are engineered for convenience, sleek in design, and aid in ease of operation. The Touch Screen Control Panel is available as an optional upgrade. Check out the features section to see why operators prefer the Advanced Membrane controls. And for a more in-depth overview, visit New Advancements in Popcorn Technology.

PopClean® Elite Popper® Series with Precision Pop® Technology has earned the FDNY Certificate of Approval #5830. 

The PopClean® Elite Popper® Series with Precision Pop® by Gold Medal is perfect for large venues, cinemas, stadiums, and more. Complete with a durable all stainless steel construction, these large-venue poppers include a state-of-the-art, 3-stage filtration system that removes oil and grease-laden vapors from exhausted air, and a built-in fire suppression system to meet local fire codes. Add this popper to your quote and talk with a Gold Medal representative that can assist you in selecting the exact features and popper to match your needs. 

There are 2 options: Updraft System - available for a 36"-72" cabinets (emits less than 3.6mg of particulates); Downdraft System - available for 60"-72" cabinets (emits less than 1mg of particulates).

The PopClean® Elite Popper® with Precision Pop® Technology options are available in the following series of poppers: 

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  • Precision Pop® Technology allows you to easily select the type of popcorn (butterfly or monster mushroom) and flavoring (salt or sweet). The popper will automatically adjust the popping cycle and temperature for each combination.
  • Visually appealing backlit membrane keypad
  • Easier to train new employees
  • Easier to clean
  • Automatic filter system shutoff after 15 minutes of idle time extending the life of your filters
  • Simplified and convenient onetime oil calibration
  • Simple programming and customization allow users to experiment with different recipes
    • Select Popcorn Type, Flavoring and Load Size
    • Eight easy-to-program/customize recipes
    • Customize the oil amount, load temp and dump temp
  • A 2-line LCD display enhances readability and shows kettle temperature, cycle count, and oil level status
  • The display screen can also show error codes for ease of diagnostic giving you less downtime
  • Built with a clean and durable all stainless steel construction
  • Meets health and safety standards by exceeding UL710B requirements to less than 5 mg of particulates per cubic meter of exhausted air
  • Big Eye Electronic Heat Control gives a visual light and audible notice for loading or dumping kettle
  • Oil level display sensor with LED indicator
  • Convenient temperature and counter display
  • Salt/Sweet Switch and Flexipop® standard
  • Eliminates the need for a vent hood system
  • Reduces contaminants that affect digital projection systems
  • Note: Minimum clearance is 18" from any exhaust or opening to combustible surface.
  • Our fire suppression system is an Ansul R-102 wet system. The system charge and arming must be performed by an Ansul certified fire suppression agency. Our customers can go to Ansul.com to locate a qualified local agent. The Fire Suppression System is fully assembled and a tank is provided for the liquid fire suppressant agent. The fire suppression company will fill the tank with 3 gallons of Ansulex liquid agent. In addition, they will install the CO2 cartridge to propel the liquid agent. The standard cartridge is a 101-30 for most of our poppers. If it is a 36" popper with a deep well, they will require a 101-20 cartridge. All links and other hardware are provided. The technician will then arm the system. Typically, every 6 months they will come back to inspect the system. The cost of charging and arming the system is the responsibility of the end customer.
  • Pre-wired for an oil pump (included)
  • Available options are: deep well corn storage, salt-sweet switch & Flexipop®
  • Forced-air conditioning system
  • Base Included (2009SS)



Specification Options for the The PopClean® Elite Popper® with Precision Pop® Technology are:

Style PopClean® Elite Popper® Series with Precision Pop® Technology
Kettle Size 32 oz & 52 oz
Dimensions - UD
Dimensions - DD
41", 53", 65", 77"w x 33"d x 82.5"h 
60", 72"w x 33"d x 82.5"h
Dimensions (cm) - UD
Dimensions (cm) - DD
104.14, 134.62, 165.1, 195.58w x 83.82d x 209.55h
152.4, 182.88w x 83.82d x 209.55h
Watts 32 oz: 6,570 watts, 52 oz: 8,270 watts
Plug 50 amp
Volts 1202/208V-120/240V



Gold Medal Products Company warrants to the original purchaser each item of its manufacture to be free of defects in workmanship and material under normal use and service. Gold Medal Products Company’s obligation under this warranty is limited solely to repairing or replacing parts, f.o.b. Cincinnati, Ohio, which in its judgment are defective in workmanship or material and which are returned, freight prepaid, to its Cincinnati, Ohio factory or other designated point.

TERMS OF WARRANTY: Except for “Perishable Parts” on specific machines, the above warranty applies for a period of two (2) years from the date of original sale to the original purchaser of equipment when recommended operating instructions and maintenance procedures have been followed. These are packed with the machine. Parts warranty is two (2) years, labor is six (6) months.

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