Gold Medal's American Story

 High Standards

Gold Medal is the classic American dream 

We are a family business built from the ground up and has remained family-owned throughout its history of more than 90 years. True to our heritage, Gold Medal leadership continues our commitment to manufacture our products in the USA. Currently, 92% of our equipment products are American made.


Maintaining Control of Our High Standards

At Gold Medal, we pledge to produce equipment of the highest quality. This is a responsibility that we take seriously. Each machine is personally inspected for quality by our technicians when it comes off the assembly line.

Ultimately, we are accountable for our work. And from our factory, we’re best able to ensure that our products meet our standards.

Product Development  

The Opportunity for Flexibility

Much of our concession equipment is custom made, and customers have the option to include or exclude available features.

This is especially true of our large-venue machines, designed to meet the needs of individual cinemas, stadiums, and grocery stores. We work closely with food and beverage directors, managers, and other key stakeholders to provide the features their particular facilities need.

Product Development and Innovation

Because our Cincinnati, Ohio, headquarters houses our engineering, manufacturing, and food technology departments, our teams have the ability to communicate with each other in real time.

Vice President of Engineering, Andy Shang, says that’s what is unique about Gold Medal: "We control both sides of the equation. We can explore the synergy between the two: equipment and food. And in the end, it’s about the customer experience."

We can produce better results since we understand exactly how the machines and the food products work together.

family owned

Gold Medal Family

Loyalty to Our Gold Medal Family

The most important factor in all our decisions is our people. At Gold Medal, we don’t claim to have over 500 employees. Instead, we have more than 500 families who count on us to make the right decisions. We know the talented people who work here are the reason for our success.

Do we lose some business because of our choice not to offshore our manufacturing? Perhaps. But we accept this because we refuse to sacrifice quality to meet a price point.

That quality is recognized worldwide, with Gold Medal products in use throughout the United States and in over 150 countries. Our customers know that with Gold Medal, they are getting the best in the industry, along with the service and expertise of America’s most trusted concession equipment manufacturer.


Agency Associations

Gold Medal Products Co. is proud to be associated with the agencies noted below. Not all equipment is listed with all agencies. Please call  to request the agency approvals for any specific model.
Underwriters Laboratories Canada, Underwriters Laboratories United States, Underwriters Laboratories Classified,  National Sanitation Foundation, Conformitè Europëenne, Intertek ETL listed mark Canada, Intertek ETL listed Mark United States